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Complete Value Pack & Large Walnut Butcher Block

Complete Value Pack & Large Walnut Butcher Block

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Complete Value Pack Includes: -
18 oz. Granite & Stone Cleaner, 18 oz Stainless Steel cleaner, 8 oz. Cooktop Cleaner, 2 oz. Metal Polish, Treated Polish Cloth, Treated Microfiber Polishing Gloves, Jewelry Cleaner, Jewelry Wipes, Treated Jewelry Polishing Cloth, MAAS Multi-Purpose Microfiber Cloth, 8 oz. Metal Protector, and Chrome Polish, 8 oz. Liquid Metal Polish, 1.1 Can Metal Polish, Terry Towel, Pad Applicator, 6-PC. Steel Wool Pack ( QTY. 2 Super Fine, QTY. 2 Medium, QTY. 2 Coarse) value pack is are #1 seller because its ideal for keeping the kitchen, bath, car, boat, and jewelry looking great!

Includes: The Large Walnut Butcher Block Board size measures 18" x 12" x 1-3/8"   that is handcrafted by US woodworkers.  This particular high quality Butcher Block is used and recommended by top chefs because the cutting boards surface's density yet softness helps to prevent your knives from dulling by absorbing the cut, which keeps the blades sharper longer.  Every board is unique making no two boards the same. They have 4 heavy duty durable rubber feet. Each board is preconditioned with several coats of food grade Urethane and 3 coats of FDA approved mineral oil, and ready to use.

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