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Our Business Gift Program

Our Business Gift Program either laser engraves/color prints the following: Your Company logo, name/company name, business contact information.

The #1 choice for our clients is the Personalized Package because we Store your entire order; laser engrave/color print your client's name on the gift. This leaves a impactful long lasting impression on your client, and their friends and family because your client is generally even more excited to share and show off their personalized gift with their name on it.

This approach goes far above and beyond the cookie cutter knee-jerk reflex to scramble around town to buy and give a gift card. To top it all off, we individually delivery each gift upon demand to your place of business weekly.

Most clients utilize our easy pay options to fit their budget especially for larger quantity orders sizes. Typical lead time for quantity orders size of 25 or more is 8-12 weeks.

Your client gift's impact on your community: A portion of the proceeds goes to the Hawaii Food Bank to help fight hunger in HAWAII.