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8) Metal Protector & Chrome Polish

8) Metal Protector & Chrome Polish

$ 14.99
MAAS Metal Protector & Chrome Polish is a cream formula and creates a protective coating on all metals, fiberglass and more! It seals out moisture, tarnish and the elements that promote damage, PLUS it applies a brilliant reflective luster and a tough weather shield for protection against harsh weather conditions, saltwater, oxidation and corrosion.

MAAS Metal Protector has a gentle, FRENCH LAVENDER Scent; it does not have a “chemical” smell like so many other products have! MAAS Metal Protect is easy to use and is a cream formula.

MAAS Metal Protector is great for a multitude of uses; household, motorcycle, golf clubs, sinks, heirlooms, jewelry, instruments, tools, auto, boat, aircraft, firearms and more! MAAS Metal Protector works great on both indoor and outdoor surfaces!

NOTE: Surface MUST be clean before applying MAAS Metal Protector. We recommend using MAAS brand Metal Polish first.

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